Can I enrol in your group lessons during the term?

You can enrol anytime you like. If you enrol when classes have already started, your balance remaining at the end of the term will be transferred over to the next term.

Will Ace Tuition services help me obtain a good score?

Our classes are designed to help students acquire the confidence and skills required to boost grades in school. However, the degree of academic performance is solely dependent on each individual student. It depends on the amount of time they dedicate to study, their academic ability, and their motivation/desire to succeed. We ensure that students will be provided with the best services available by promoting a positive environment that makes learning interesting and enjoyable, helping students improve their scores and test results.

What kind of tutors can I expect from Ace Tuition?

Our tutors are intelligent, motivated and creative individuals having achieved numerous academic awards. They have successfully attained high VCE results and have years of tutoring experience. Most tutors currently hold or are pursuing University Degrees in Law, Medicine, Dentistry, Commerce, Engineering and Education. We ensure our friendly tutors possess excellent leadership and communication skills combined with the commitment and passion to deliver quality classes.

What do I receive when enrolling with Ace Tuition?

Upon enrolment, every student receives comprehensive notes on a weekly basis, covering all relevant theory taught in class including worked examples and exercises to further reinforce concepts assisting in VCE assessment and exam preparation.

How do I pay the fees?

There are a number of flexible options to make payment. You can choose to pay fortnightly, monthly, per term, per semester or per year in advance. Payments can be made in person to an Ace Tuition representative at the our teaching centres on the day of enrolment or alternatively via credit card or electronic funds transfer.

Why should I attend Ace Tuition classes when I already attend school?

On a lot occasions, concepts are not comprehensively covered and questions are not fully answered in the insufficient time frame at school. Therefore the role of Ace Tuition is to provide students with the opportunity to review and reinforce key concepts whilst building on advanced concepts that will improve knowledge, retention and confidence. Our aim is to expose students to more advanced applications after defeating core concepts to ensure students are well prepared for tests and exams.

What should I do when I have questions or problems during classes?

Our tutors are very attentive to a student’s learning needs. Students are encouraged to discuss their thoughts and to problem solve collectively in group sessions. Students also have the opportunity to approach the teacher during breaks or at the beginning or end of each class to answer and clarify individual questions. We can also assist students outside of their allocated tuition sessions using social media messaging or email.

How large are your classes?

There is a maximum of 4 students per class. If there are more than 4 students per class, a second class will be allocated to ensure students receive the quality attention and assistance they require.

Are these classes going to benefit me?

Most definitely. There will be a significant difference in the student’s academic performance and confidence levels over time. Our unique teaching style, performance review/report system and enjoyable atmosphere will ensure that students maximise their potential. Students will find that they have very little to learn prior to a test or exam as concepts are regularly reviewed, therefore they tend to perform better than they had previously anticipated.