About Us

Ace Tuition is a private tuition centre, providing engaging educational classes to primary and secondary students in Melbourne. We deliver private in home tutoring services as well as engaging group based tutoring lessons at your nearest library throughout Melbourne.

Each week, over one hundred students are provided with remedial assistance and extension studies to ensure students receive the best opportunities to persevere and excel in their studies. High calibre teachers and tutors are selected to teach core and advanced concepts in English, Mathematics and Science within an integrated and structured class program. Ace Tuition’s primary focus is to ensure students understand and apply core concepts learnt at school in an easy to understand format and further extend their knowledge to help them prepare for future year levels and the VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education). Ace Tuition’s unique approach to learning encourages and motivates students to set goals and persevere in a supportive and friendly environment.

Our initial operations began in 2003 after its founder, Ravy Pham explored opportunities to assist students struggling with their education within the Northern Melbourne Region. There was an unprecedented interest from students after facilitating engaging classes which were more simplified and effective than traditional schooling. In 2007, Ace Tuition’s first centre opened in Broadmeadows and today,  teaches well over 100 students from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

In 2009 and 2010, Ace Tuition participated in the National Tuition Program, ‘An Even Start’  funded by the Australian Government’s Department of Education. The program assisted primary and secondary students who performed below the national average in their NAPLAN test.



  • Engage and arm students with the skills and knowledge to achieve academic excellence and success
  • Challenge students to envisage and achieve their potential
  • Strive for excellence to help students excel in every feat they encounter